It’s watermelon season, which for us means one thing: watermelon pudding, or known to the Sicilians as Gelo di mellone. Jasmine flowers which can be found growing in the terrace garden of our Palazzo, are added for a unique, exotic flavour.

With the introduction of jasmine by the Arabs came an aroma that now permeates Sicilian gardens throughout the summer months, and immediately recalls Sicily and its languid, perfumed nights… In my terrace garden, I can enjoy the beauty and scent of this wonderful plant up until December.



In our cooking classes, the participants pass the watermelon pulp through a fine mesh-sieve, gathering all the melon juice which is then infused with the jasmine flowers. It is definitely worth the effort because during the hot period of August a watermelon pudding is refreshing and light.  After boiling the juice with sugar and corn starch, the pudding is poured into champagne cups and placed in the fridge.  Before serving, we decorate the watermelon puddings with jasmine flowers, ground pistachio and chocolate chips.

Come and stay at Butera 28 Apartments and enjoy a fresh watermelon pudding during a Day Cooking with the Duchess to discover the flavours and perfumes of Sicily!


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