It’s a very exciting period here at Butera 28 Apartments and in Palermo.

The high season has started and tourists are flocking to Sicily. Our rental apartments are getting booked up quickly and my Sicilian cooking classes are in full swing.

Summer is just around the corner, our terrace garden is thriving in the sunshine, tulips and amaryllis are showing off their incredible colours, and all our roses are in full bloom. Our lemon trees still bear their fruits but they are already flowering for the next crop, their scent pervades the whole garden. The tortoises are enjoying the heat, roaming around and munching on their favourite meal: dandelion and prickly pear leaves. Meanwhile, our turtles spend their morning sunbathing in the pond.

Wonderful time at Butera 28 ApartmentsJasmine has started to blossom as well… which means that soon I will be able to prepare my famous almond milk Biancomangiare decorated with jasmine flowers! The markets are becoming more and more colourful by the day, juicy medlars have appeared on the stalls and the strawberries are perfectly ripe. The tuna season is under way, and soon I will introduce some tuna recipes to my menus.

We had a very eventful morning as not only did we have a crew using their drones to shoot a video about our palazzo, but also one of our beloved turtles, Lighea (named after a mermaid in a short story of Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa), took herself off to lay her eggs in the middle of a flower bed. We found a newborn baby tortoise as well!

Why don’t you book a tour of our Palazzo and the terrace garden to see it all for yourselves?

We will keep you posted about Lighea’s baby and our new video… watch this space!

Wonderful time in Palermo

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