Families with young children are always welcome at Butera 28 Apartments! Our area is full of fun things to do as a family, and here are my top 5 recommendations within walking distance of our palazzo.

Top 5 things to do with children near Butera 28 Apartments

There is something for everyone!

Top 5 Things to do for children in Palermo1. The Seafront (Foro Italico)

The Seafront is just across the road from our palazzo. It is the perfect place to walk, run, cycle, play or just sit and watch the sailboats go by and the enormous ferries and cruise liners drifting in and out of the port. It is also the ideal spot to fly a kite!

2. The Playground

The Playground on the Seafront is newly opened and offers plenty of activities for children, including a small basketball court, slides, swings and monkey bars.

3. The Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens, just at the end of our street, are one of the oldest in Europe and most beautiful. Children (and adults too!) are fascinated by the huge banyan trees, the incredible cacti, the soap and cotton trees, the bamboo grove (with the Indian Giant Bamboo, more than 120 years old!), and a pond full of lotus plants which is populated by families of turtles. A real sub-tropical paradise, where it is not unusual to see multicoloured parrots flying from tree to tree (a couple flew away from a cage and now there are entire families of them!).

4. Villa Giulia

Villa Giulia, the gorgeous public garden down the street, is a great place to go and relax and take in the beauty of the surrounding plants and flowers.
Children can have fun exploring the endless maze of nature and wildlife.

5. The International Puppet Museum

The International Puppet Museum is also a few steps from us.
You have the opportunity to see a huge array of puppets from all over the world and especially the Sicilian Pupi, the famous string puppets representing Charlemagne’s knights. In 2001 the Sicilian Puppet Theatre (Opera dei Pupi) it was declared a Masterpiece of the Intangible and Oral Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.They have also a beautifully preserved old Pupi theatre and they often organize puppet shows. All in all, this makes for an enchanting and unique experience that both children and adults will enjoy! Not to be missed!


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