Here at Butera 28 Apartments we have been busy working tirelessly on a new and exciting venture and are so pleased to finally invite you to join us on this journey.

Teaming up with one of our dear ex-interns, Bianca Polizzi, a yoga instructor, certified in Ashtanga Yoga with Iyengar alignment, we welcome you to partake in Elite Yoga Escape Sicily in September and October 2019 in our gorgeous 18th century home.  These yoga retreats will also be happening in 2020, to see dates and to book, please see .

An unforgettable five-day yoga retreat – suitable for all levels – with twice-daily yoga, breathing and meditation classes in one of our Palazzo’s most stunning rooms with marble floors and a ceiling fresco.


Bianca Polizzi in the yoga studio at Palazzo Lanza Tomasi, Palermo, Sicily

Leave the stress of your world behind and escape to your new home away from home. Stay in one of our unique fully-equipped, self-catered apartments with all the home comforts and amenities to make this stay one you won’t want to leave.

Rise and shine

Daily morning meditation, breathing and yoga asana practice based on the Ashtanga primary series. Followed by breakfast with all the delicious delights of local market fruit and baked goods, strong Italian coffee and simply-squeezed fruit juice to give you an appetite for what the rest of the day holds in store for you…


With Elite Yoga Escape Sicily, choose between a selection of must-sees and enjoy a guided tour including sights from Massimo Theatre, the Palatine Chapel, Palermo’s Cathedral and Politeama Theatre to the stunning gilded Monreale Cathedral overlooking Palermo and the sea for picture perfect photo opportunities.


Free time

Elite Yoga Escape

Porta Felice Wellness Spa

Take time out for yourself to enjoy your own company. Meditate on a contemplative walk through the Botanical Gardens and the Giardino Garibaldi,  or enjoy the adrenaline rush of hiking up to the lofty heights of Mount Pellegrino.

For more restorative free time take a day trip to the gorgeous white-sand beaches at Mondello and Cefalu or let us arrange a blissful two-hour spa session and hour long massage at Hotel Porta Felice, the wellbeing Spa across the road from the palace, at a discounted price – specially for Elite Yoga Escape Sicily guests.

However you want your free time to be, whether it be fast-paced, adventure-fuelled  or spa session satisfaction, we will arrange it all for you from the moment you step out of the palace to the moment you return.

A Day Cooking with the Duchess

Cooking with the Duchess - Butera 28

A Day Cooking with the Duchess

An opportunity to take a cooking class with me in my palace kitchen. After a tour of the atmospheric local markets, delve into local produce and learn about herbs and exotic fruits and flowers in my private garden terrace before coffee and biscuits.

Then learn to prepare, cook and decorate the 4 course culinary masterpiece of a lunch that we will share around the silver adorned table in the grand dining room looking out onto the sea views – with recipes to take home! I will then give a fascinating tour of my lovingly restored palace that is home to the original handwritten manuscript of Il Gattopardo (The Leopard) by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa.

Eating in Sicily

As the apartments are self-catered you can choose between taking the skills you’ve learnt from your ‘Day Cooking with the Duchess’ and putting them to good use in your own apartment kitchen, cooking up a storm with the freshest ingredients from the vibrant markets or exciting your taste buds with local cuisine from our recommended restaurant list – for which Elite Yoga Escape Sicily will arrange reservation and travel for you, so no hassle is involved in meal time.


After your excursion day out and then free time before dinner, we will regroup for an evening yoga session to wind down and allow the experience of the day to sink in and settle.

Taking your yoga practice home

By the end of your stay you will be feeling rejuvenated from the outside, in; with glowing, youthful sun-kissed skin, a whole different mindset and perspective to take back to your everyday life and a new sense of being. Your yoga practice is yours – during your stay here, you will be guided on how to incorporate daily practice into your life with a take home self practice.

More than a yoga retreat

Elite Yoga Escape Sicily is not just about stretching your body but your mind and your senses too. Here’s to living, not just existing. To feeling, not just flowing. To being, not just breathing. Wake up to consciousness. More than a getaway with a fitness regime – this is a full introduction to what yoga really is while being fully immersed in new experiences and diverse culture to discover a deeper layer of you. Heighten your senses by experiencing the destination; delve into new beginnings, meet like-minded people and discover new delights through the extraordinary location.

A yoga class at Palazzo Lanza Tomasi


Lose yourself to find yourself

Stepping into a world unknown while being open to self-enquiry through twice-daily meditation and practice of the Ashtanga primary series allows for the perfect environment for new neurons to be fired, creating pathways that allow for a deeper connection to the self to be realised. If you have already been to Sicily, we’re here to give you more, welcoming you to a new dimension of the place you thought you knew… If you haven’t, welcome to the experience. You’re in good hands.

Reconnect on this journey of self-discovery. Here’s to a new perspective!

With the 31st August – 4th September 2019 and 19 – 24th October 2019 yoga retreat dates rapidly approaching and interest growing, book now to avoid disappointment.

For more information , please see Elite Yoga Escape Sicily at


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