Cooking classes in Palermo, Sicily

A Day Cooking with the Duchess: lezioni di cucina siciliana

A Day Cooking with the Duchess non è soltanto una lezione di cucina siciliana in un luogo fuori dall’ordinario.

È un’esperienza culinaria e culturale unica nel suo genere, un avvincente itinerario attraverso il cibo e la storia della Sicilia in uno splendido palazzo settecentesco sul mare, ultima dimora del Principe Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, autore del celebre romanzo Il Gattopardo.

La Duchessa di Palma vi condurrà di buon mattino al pittoresco mercato del Capo dove sceglierete gli ingredienti di stagione più freschi, e vi farà scoprire alcune delle bellezze nascoste di Palermo, una delle città più seducenti del Mediterraneo. Al mercato sarete trasportati in un mondo rutilante di suoni, profumi e colori mediterranei, camminando tra le bancarelle stracolme di pesce freschissimo, di frutta e verdura, dei celebri agrumi di Sicilia, di spezie, del pane ricoperto di semi di sesamo, appena sfornato dal forno a legna.

Di ritorno al palazzo, una sosta nella lussureggiante terrazza, un vero e proprio giardino pensile ricco di essenze mediterranee e subtropicali. Lì raccoglierete le erbe, i fiori e gli agrumi più adatti ad esaltare i sapori dei piatti siciliani che preparerete nell’accogliente cucina del palazzo, sotto la guida esperta della Duchessa.

Il menu da voi creato sarà servito nell’elegante sala da pranzo affacciata sul mare. Dopo pranzo, il Duca e la Duchessa vi condurranno in un affascinante tour attraverso le sale del palazzo, splendidamente restaurato, dove avrete tra l’altro il privilegio di ammirare il manoscritto originale dell’immortale capolavoro del Principe Tomasi di Lampedusa, Il Gattopardo.

Dear Nicoletta,
We just wanted to thank you again for your kind hospitality, both for the apartment and the lovely lunch and tour of your home on Monday. It was so unique for us to be so close to a great literary legacy in such a natural and relaxed atmosphere. You and your husband made all of that possible for us. We will surely be back in the next months as this was only our first visit to Palermo.
25 /11/2018

Thaddeus B.

Ciao Nicoletta,
Thank you again for a wonderful day yesterday. We really enjoyed the
entire experience – from the market, to the cooking, to the lunch, the
conversations with you and your husband and the rest of the guests, and
the tour!

19 agosto 2018

Lia A.

La de aver fue una jornada inmejorable. Te has ganado tres corazones.

19 agosto 2018

José Luis

Very belated thankyous for having us stay in your beautiful palace (from
11 th April) and
for the cooking course and my subsequent ‘birthday’ lunch. We enjoyed it
all so much. I still picture that lovely dish of those synchronised
sardines with their little tails turned up swimming among the waves of
Sicilian oranges….so delicious!
The opportunity to see the manuscript of The Leopard, your family’s art
collection and library was very special. You and Gioacchino were so
generous to share it with us along with your wonderful fund of stories.

6 giugno 2018

Janne M.G.

Thank you very much for making our cooking class yesterday the highlight
of our visit to Sicily. Your good humor, charm, and cooking skill made
the day a terrific one. My girls and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with
you, your husband, and your other guests.
Thank you so much for a fantastic experience and fast friendship. We
belong to you!
Grazie mille

5 giugno 2018

Mike H.

Dear Nicoletta….
What a fantastic way to end my visit to Sicily and what a perfect day
from start to finish. Your Cooking with the Duchess should be a must
for anyone visiting Palermo, because it’s much more than the food
experience. It was a grand way to learn more about the history and the
culture of this fine city, and a great way to meet such interesting
people from all over the world. The “icing on the cake” as we would say
in the states, was the wonderful food that we had a hand in preparing
and thoroughly enjoyed around your magnificent and splendid dining room.

7 luglio 2018

Donna D.

I’d like to thank you for such a wonderful time cooking and listening to
your stories. My family and I had a great and memorable time!

15 febbraio 2018

Carian C.

Thank you so much for a splendid and unforgettable day “Cooking with the
Duchess!!” The meal was superb, and it was an absolute treat to spend
time with you and Gioacchino in Palazzo Lanza Tomasi.

5 maggio 2018

Susan M.

Dear Nicoletta, Thank you for the glorious apt 12 accommodation and the
cooking class. What a great group of people and we all got along so
well! It was a rare gathering of good people enjoying the activities of
the day which you created for us.

29 maggio 2018

Valerie R.

Bonjour Madame
Mon épouse et moi même tenons à vous remercier pour la merveilleuse
journée que nous avons passé à vos côtés.
Tout à été parfaitement réussi, le marché, la cuisine, le repas, votre
gentillesse et l excellente ambiance avec les autres convives.
Encore une fois un grand merci à vous et votre équipe.
Très cordialement

7 aprile 2018

Eliane et Philippe B.

Dear Nicoletta, it was a great pleasure to meet you as well as see your
beautiful house. I can only imagine how much work an dedication and
energy you must have to keep it going and to keep it so nice. Thank you
one more time for a class, I will definitely use what I learned. Already
had a nice breakfast with fresh produce and bread from il Capo.

7 aprile 2018

Brigita B.

I learnt a lot from your class, and really like how you run it. I think
people appreciate so much when they are allowed to really get involved
in the kitchen, and are not just given a glass of wine and made to

12 aprile 2018

Alice A.

Yesterday was such a lovely day for all of us, learning more about the history and people of Sicily.  For me, the trip to the market with your special vendors, the introduction to some new cooking techniques and recipes, but most of all the chance to learn about the house in which we are living and the people who own it made this day one of the most memorable of my travels.  Nicoletta, you are amazingly well organized! You led us seemingly effortlessly through all the complicated steps of preparing fresh ingredients. If only I had these available in Fairbanks, Alaska.  You were able to assemble such an interesting group of students, conversing with them was like icing on the cake (or jasmine petals on the dessert).

June 23th 2017

Mimi C.

My wife Lynne and I truly enjoyed the time spent with you. We had a wonderful group that day and soo enjoyed it. Grazie Mille!!!!

June 8th 2017

Robert S.

I just want to say thanks for a truly extraordinary experience.
We all loved the class and the meal, but more than simply enjoying it, we were rather in awe by the presentation and the quality of the entire event. The way you handled all of us in the kitchen and made the experience fun as well as instructional was admirable, and the meal was one of those once in a lifetime experiences. I mean, sincerely, how many of us Americans have the chance to dine with a duke and duchess in the formal dining room of a palace attended by gloved footmen? Your stories were rich and colorful, and you are a most gracious hostess. Plus, the meal was delicious.
Well, before my superlatives begin sounding trite, let me close by saying it was all brilliant.

June 6th 2017

Stephen B.

We are still enjoying the memories of our excellent vacation in Sicilia, and especially, the very nice day we spent at your place. Not only the cooking class, but also learning about the story and importance of your family, and visiting your amazing residence was great. And, needless to say, how much we appreciated your and Gioacchino’s friendliness and hospitality. Honestly, we feel as having left good friends in Palermo.

June 6th 2017

Miguel A.

We truly enjoyed the cooking session last Thursday, which was a wonderful moment of generosity and exciting transmission of cultural heritage. The experience will always be an important movement in the symphony of our travels.

April 28th 2017

Catherine and Fredrik R.

Just wanted to say thanks for the lovely day. We thoroughly enjoyed the cooking class and the great insights and conversations about Sicilian culture and your family history.

Look forward to trying the recipes at home.

April 26th 2017

Vicky B.

Your enthusiasm, encouragement and wonderful humour only added to this wonderful day. It’s just a shame the day had to go so fast. We loved every minute of it.

April 19th 2017

Richard M.

As we reminisce about our travels, we keep returning to Palermo and Butera 28 and,
particularly, a final day that was filled with cooking and a sumptuous feast and conversation and laughter.

April 17th 2017

James P.

Colette and I couldn’t have chosen a better place to stay than Butera 28 Apartments. We had a wonderful time in Palermo and your cookery class was the perfect conclusion to a memorable holiday.

April 20th 2017

John M.

I want to thank you for sharing your home and expertise with our group on Monday.  It was a real privilege to meet you and Gioacchino and to learn about (and see!) your family history.  But, of course, I especially enjoyed cooking with you.  Everything was delicious and I hope to try several of the dishes when I’m back home in Connecticut.  The day was the highlight of my visit to Palermo.

April 7th 2017

Patricia T.

I wanted to write a note and let you know how much Roxane and I enjoyed your class.  Since your class, we have prepared several dishes after shopping at the markets.

Do you have any classes available next week?

April 7th 2017

Paul T.

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